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    Small businesses that are looking for all types of loans up to $500,000 | easiest and simplest application process

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    Lines of credit up to $100,000 | prepayment benefits

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    Loans up to $500,000 | 600+ personal credit score

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    Lines of credit up to $100,000 | simple application

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    Loans up to $250,000 with monthly payments

How We Determined The Best Small Business Loans

We evaluated the best small business loans based on application requirements, minimum qualifications, and the speed of funding. In addition to these, we also compared the loans based on overall costs, maximum loan amounts, and the repayment terms to help you make a decision that fits your financing needs and budget. We used these key criteria to steer you in the right direction to get funding as fast as possible.

• Costs: The overall cost of each loan option in terms of rates and annual percentage rate.
• Requirements: The information needed to apply for a loan as well as the paperwork needed to qualify.
• Speed of approval & funding: The amount of time it takes to get a decision once you’ve completed the application and then get access to funding.
• Loan amount: The maximum amount of funding you can access, this also includes the ability of receiving a second or third loan.
• Minimum qualifications: The minimum qualifications you need to meet to qualify for a loan including.
• Repayment terms: The amount of time you have to repay the loan, and the frequency of payments; this also includes the number of options that a lender provides for repaying the loan.
• Borrower reviews: Reviews left by users from across the web.